Hive Social Lab provides two products at events called, The Live Hive and The Gif Booth. The Live Hive prints Instagram photos you share after using an event specific hashtag. The Gif Booth takes pictures in a sequence piecing together a cool gif. Hive Social Lab has worked with huge brands like: FOX, Oprah, Forever21, Bravo, and so much more.

Tasks done

  • Fixed the themes navigation
  • Custom HTML for the hompage, and single pages
  • Over 1000 lines of CSS written
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Migrated site from testing site to client
  • Finished in one week

Finished Look

Desktop Examples

Mobile Examples


Luke Gorski, LG Digital Marketing

“The website Britt created was exactly what we needed. Nearly months later and we’re still hearing compliments about the new site! Our bounce rate, currently less than 15 percent, speaks to Britt’s expertise in creating a modern, SEO friendly, mobile-first website.”