Sharpe Scout is a membership site dedicated to scouting soccer players and providing detailed profiles about new upcoming players. The project started out to be a simple quick project but quickly found out the previous developer made the site unbearably complicated. In light of the situation I was hired to quickly fix the mistakes of the entire site from the previous developer. I quickly put together the site exactly how they wanted by converting PSD files to HTML. Check out the site Sharpe Scout to see the live version. Below is additional information about the project.

Tasks done

Here is a list of the completed tasks for the site

  • Coverted parts of the site from PSD to HTML
  • Made site Mobile friendly / Responsive
  • Included membership area of the site with Woocommerce memberships plug in
  • Optimized the speed of the site from ranking a D on pingdom to a high B low A.
  • Completed a payment portal with stripe for the Woocommerce membership plug in.

Finished Look

Desktop Examples

Mobile Examples


Shaun P.

“Incredibly responsive. Worked into the night to get it done. Simplified and cleaned up a mess i was left with. Great communication and happy to jump on the phone. Knows and communicates his limits. Great job Britt!”