Universal Metals is a next-generation supplier of hard-metals to the aerospace industry as well as other critical application industries. They are committed to setting industry-leading standards in all measures of business performance and customer service. Their long-term commitment to aerospace manufacturers ensures availability of stock, continuity, reliability, and quality.

Tasks done

  • Redesign old site entirely into a new site from scratch
  • Create an easy way to enter information for a content-driven website
  • Used custom post types and advanced custom fields to help auto-populate content on multiple pages
  • Display raw metals in a industrial and elegant manner
  • Improved in-site SEO and built the website with an SEO first mindset
  • Improved site speed as a whole to run a lot faster
  • Use XML and AJAX to do live calculations

Finished Look

Desktop Examples

Mobile Examples


Universal Metals C.E.O
Scott McKeever

“Britt is extremely talented and knowledgeable. He has a great work ethic and was very easy to work with. We will be working with him again”